• About
  • Chapter One – Vaughan Surnames Emerge
  • Chapter Two – Vaughan Families of Wales
  • Chapter Three – Vaugh(a)ns of Colonial America
  • Chapter Four – Vaugh(a)n Migration in America
  • Chapter Five – Little Egypt of Southern Illinois
  • Chapter Six – The Choates of Southern Illinois and Related Families
  • Chapter Seven – Whittenbergs Of Johnson County Illinois
  • Chapter Eight – The Great World War
  • Chapter Nine – Reverend William Thomas Vaughn
  • Chapter Ten –  Jessie Beulah Phillips Vaughn
  • Chapter Eleven – Autobiography of Jessie Beulah Phillips Vaughn
  • Chapter Twelve – The Alfred Morefield Phillips Family
  • Chapter Thirteen – Vaughn Aunt, Uncles and Others
  • Chapter Fourteen – Lawrence Eugene Vaughn (Sr)
  • Chapter Fifteen –  Lawrence Eugene Vaughn (Sr) Military Service
  • Chapter Sixteen – Marjorie Gwendolyn White
  • Chapter Seventeen – The Wallace Benjamin White Family
  • Chapter Eighteen – Vaughn and White Great-Grandparents
  • Chapter Nineteen – White Aunts, Uncles and Cousins
  • Chapter Twenty –  Hannibal, Missouri – Mississippi River Town
  • Chapter Twenty One – Childhood and School Days
  • Chapter Twenty Two – Meeting “Granmom”
  • Chapter Twenty Three – Adulthood and Related Notions (Pending adds: Radio & TV, AMEC, Paintings
  • Chapter Twenty Four – The Danville Decade (Pending additions: Police, C.A.P. & Military Auxiliary)
  • Chapter Twenty Five – Our Sons and Their Extended Families
  • Chapter Twenty Six – Robert Dean Niemeyer (Sr)
  • Chapter Twenty Seven – August Lee Bergmeier
  • Chapter Twenty Eight – James Joseph Hoffman
  • Chapter Twenty Nine – Voices of U.S. Bombing Squadron 19 of WWII
  • Chapter Thirty – WWII Navy Fast Carrier Task Force
  • Chapter Thirty One – U.S. Navy Armed Guard
  • Chapter Thirty Two – Mission Accomplished – The Rainbow Division in World War II
  • Chapter Thirty Three – Wallace B White Jr Military Service
  • Chapter Thirty Four – (Pending) The Asher Walton House (CWD, Lions Club, Railroad, Sea Tow)
  • Chapter Thirty Five – (Title Pending) Golden Years, Lifestyle Changes, da good da bad da ugly

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