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USS McCord (DD534)(DesRon 47)(DesDiv 93)(TG 38/58)

(NOTE: DesRon=Destroyer Squadron DesDiv=Destroyer Division)

Table of Contents


CTF – Commander Task Force

CTG – Commander Task Group

  • CTU – Commander Task Unit
  • ADM – Admiral
  • RADM – Rear Admiral
  • CV – Aircraft Carrier
  • CVG – Aircraft Carrier Group
  • CV(L) – Aircraft Carrier, Small
  • BB – Battleship
  • CA – Heavy Cruiser
  • CL- Light Cruiser
  • DD – Destroyer
  • TG – Task Group (Subordinate to Task Force)
  • TU – Task Unit (Subordinate to Task Group)


The method of deployment of U.S. Naval ships during World War II was unlike any fleet management practice previously used by any nation during peace or wartime. The means by which the US Navy operated their carrier fleets was developed principally by Admiral Marc Mitscher, a career aviator.

Mitscher determined that the best defense for a carrier was its own airplanes, and that carriers were more easily defended if they operated together in air groups, with supporting ships along with them to aid in air defense, anti-submarine defense, and rescue of downed airmen.

The Fast Carrier Task Force, to which the USS McCord (DesRon 47) was assigned in the Pacific War, was the main striking force of the United States Navy from January 1944 through the end of the war in August 1945.

The task force was made up of several separate task groups, each typically built around three to four aircraft carriers and their supporting vessels. The support vessels were screening destroyers, cruisers, and the newly built fast battleships.

The overall command of the task force alternated between two admirals: Raymond Spruance and William “Bull” Halsey. The change of command occurred every six months. Halsey was aggressive and a risk taker. Spruance was calculating and cautious. Most higher-ranking officers preferred to serve under Spruance; most common sailors were proud to serve under Halsey.Their overall commander was Admiral Chester Nimitz.

When the force was part of Admiral Spruance’s Fifth Fleet, the Fast Carrier Task Force was commanded by Marc Mitscher and bore the designation Task Force 58 (TF58). When led by Admiral William Halsey as part of the Third Fleet, the carrier force was commanded by Vice Admiral John S. McCain, Sr. and its designation was Task Force 38 (TF38).

Planning for upcoming operations was completed when each admiral and his staff rotated out of active command. This allowed the Navy to perform at a higher operational tempo, while giving the Japanese the general impression of naval assets greater than what were actually available.

The Fast Carrier Task Force worked in conjunction with the other two major components of the Pacific Fleet, the Amphibious Force, which was much larger overall and which carried and provided direct support to the Marine forces, and the Service Squadrons of hundreds of support vessels which resupplied and maintained the fleet. The fleet and task group designation changed from Task Force 38 to Task Force 58 when the command of the fleet changed hands. When under the umbrella of Fifth Fleet, the invasion force was called the Fifth Amphibious Force. When Halsey had command of the fleet, Third Amphibious Force was the designation.


44/04 – 44/05 Stationed Port Purvis, Tulagi – Training exercises

Commander Vice Admiral Marc Mitscher

Mitscher was a career aviator largely responsible for changing naval battle strategy from battleship shootouts to carriers protecting their groups with battleships operating as anti-aircraft batteries to protect the carriers. At the time when the carrier task force had finally developed a ship composition that afforded it adequate defense without sacrificing mobility, it inherited a greater strategic role that superseded its tactical capabilities. The Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944 would be TF 58’s first engagement with enemy carriers.

The Battle of the Philippine Sea (June 19–20, 1944) was a major naval battle of World War II that eliminated the Imperial Japanese Navy’s ability to conduct large-scale carrier actions. It took place during the United States’ amphibious invasion of the Mariana Islands during the Pacific War. The battle was the last of five major “carrier-versus-carrier” engagements between American and Japanese naval forces, and pitted elements of the United States Navy’s Fifth Fleet against ships and aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Mobile Fleet and nearby island garrisons. This was the largest carrier-to-carrier battle in history.

For this battle, the American force was designated the Fifth Fleet, under the command of Admiral Raymond Spruance. The Fast Carrier group was designated Task Force 58, commanded by Vice Admiral Marc Mitscher. Spruance flew his flag aboard the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis, which was sailing in the outer defensive ring of Task Group 58.3. Mitscher’s flagship was USS Lexington, also in Task Group 58.3.


Marianas & Saipan

44/06/12 TF 58 carriers made airstrikes on the Marianas

44/06/13 Additional airstrikes. Surface vessels bombard the Marianas

44/06/14 Additional airstrikes. Surface vessels bombard the Marianas

44/06/15 Additional Marianas airstrikes

Surface vessels support landings. First American troops went ashore on Saipan.

1835 hours: Submarine USS Flying Fish sighted Japanese carrier and battleship force coming out of San Bernardino Strait.

1930 hours:  USS Seahorse spotted a battleship and cruiser force steaming up from the south, 200 miles east of Mindanao.

Task Force 58 reformed and moved west of Saipan into the Philippine Sea


0550: Jap Zero attacked a picket destroyer and was shot down.

0655: 35 Japanese aircraft shot down. One U.S. Hellcat shot down

0816: Submarine USS Albacore began attack on IJN carrier Ozawa, which sank 1430 hours

1000: 68 Jap carrier aircraft approaching TF 58

1023:TF 58 turned into the wind and all fighter aircraft launched. Bombers launched

1036: The first group of Hellcats met the raid  70 miles distant. They were quickly joined by additional groups. Within minutes, 25 Japanese aircraft had been shot down, against the loss of only one U.S. aircraft. The Japanese aircraft that survived were met by other fighters, and 16 more were shot down. Of the 27 aircraft which now remained, some made attacks on the picket destroyers USS Yarnall and USS Stockham but caused no damage.

1107: Radar detected another, larger attack by 107 aircraft. They were met while still 60 miles out, and at least 70 of these aircraft were shot down before reaching the ships. Six attacked. Four of the six were shot down. In all, 97 of the 107 attacking aircraft were destroyed.


  • Submarine USS Cavalla attacked and sank  IJN 25,675-ton carrier Shōkaku


47 enemy aircraft approaching from the north was intercepted by 40 fighters at 50 miles out from the task force. Seven Japanese aircraft were shot down; 40 aircraft escaped.

One group flying toward Rota stumbled upon Montgomery’s task group. Eighteen aircraft joined battle with American fighters and lost half their number.

Nine Japanese dive bombers attacked Wasp and Bunker Hill, but scored no hits. Eight were shot down.

The larger group was intercepted over Orote Field by 27 Hellcats while landing. Thirty of the 49 Japanese aircraft were shot down, and the rest were damaged beyond repair.

Japanese losses exceeded 350 planes on the first day of battle.


Lt. Alexander Vraciu downed six Japanese dive bombers in a single mission

44/06/20  Morning and mid-day searches for Japanese fleet found nothing

1540: Sighting of IJN fleet was verified 275 miles out, moving due west at a speed of 20 knots. Mitscher launched 240 planes for a strike. The TF 58 aircraft arrived over the Japanese fleet just before sunset.

  • Two oil tankers sunk and a third damaged 30 miles from the main IJN fleet
  • carrier Hiyō sank

carriers Zuikaku, Junyō, and Chiyoda were damaged by bombs

battleship Haruna damaged by two bombs

Twenty American aircraft destroyed in attack

2045: the first returning U.S. aircraft reached TF 58

80 U.S. aircraft lost in return to carriers after dark (Majority ditched in sea)

After the second day of the battle, Japanese IJN losses totaled three carriers, more than 433 carrier aircraft, and around 200 land-based aircraft.

U.S. lost fewer than two dozen Hellcats in air-to-air combat. Naval aviation and AA fire garnered nearly 480 Japanese kills, 346 of those carrier aircraft on 19 June alone

Battle of the Phillipines Sea.png

Sailing In A Box

During subsequent months there was a delay in the Army preparing serviceable air bases to support their operations. Mitscher was obliged to keep Task Force 58 sailing in a box on station some 60 miles (97 km) off the coast of Okinawa for the next two months.

During this time they were subject to air attack around the clock, and the psychological pressures of warding off these attacks was enormous. There was rarely a night that would go by that the crews would not be called to quarters, and the days were worse.

TF 58 spearheaded the thrust against the heart of the Japanese Empire, covering successively, the invasion of Palau, the liberation of the Philippines, and the conquest of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

Task Force 58 reverted to TF 38

USS McCord assigned to TF38.4

44/08/29 38.4 Departed Eniwetok, Marshall Islands for Bonins, Palau, Yap.

44/08/31 38.4 Strike Iwo Jima, Chichi-jima

Franklin – VF-13 sank AM Toshi Maru #8 (25-00N, 141-50E) and AK Suruga Maru (24-46N, 141-19E)

44/09/01 – 38.4 Strike Iwo Jima, Chichi-jima

Iwo jima & Chichi-jima Bombardment Unit Activated:

Aircraft Carrier – New Orleans

Light Cruiser – Biloxi

Destroyers – McCord +3 “DuBose Group” = TG 30.3

44/09/02 38.4 Strike Iwo Jima, Chichi-jima

44/09/03 38.4 Strike Iwo Jima, Chichi-jima, then departed for Saipan

44/09/04 38.4 Saipan – load supplies, replenish, refuel

44/09/05 38.4 departed Saipan

44/09/06 38.4 Strike Palau – toward end of month in area

44/09/07 38.4 Strike Palais (65 miles SSW of Palau Islands = 06-05N, 134-15E)

38.4 – New Orleans, Biloxi + 4 Destroyer (DD)s shell Yap

44/09/08 38.4 New Orleans, Biloxi + 4 Destroyer (DD)s (Patterson + 3) shell Yap

Battleship USS Washington (10/23 detached TG 38.3 assigned to TG 38.4)

Battle Division 8 (Rear Admiral Glenn B. Davis):Massachusetts (from 10/06), Indiana (till 44/09/21).

Battle Division 9 (Rear Admiral E.W. Hanson): South Dakota (from 09/30, 10/28 to 38.4) Alabama (detached TG 38.3 10/25 assigned to 38.4)

Task Group 38.4

Commander Task Group (CTG) –  Rear Admiral Ralph E. Davison

Aircraft Carrier (CV) –  USS Enterprise from Carrier Group-20 (CV-20)/GF, USS Franklin/GF Carrier Group-13 (CV-13), till 10/30)

Aircraft Carrier, Small (CVL) – 08/01 San Jacinto (CV-51), Belleau Wood (CV-21)

Battleship USS Washington (from 10/23), Alabama (from 10/23, detached 11/20), South Dakota (from 10/28)

Heavy Cruiser (CA) USS New Orleans

Cruiser Division 6 (Rear Admiral C. Turner Joy): USS Wichita (from 10/21)

Light Cruiser (CL) (Light Cruiser) Biloxi (10/22 detached to 38.2)

TU (Task Unit) 38.4.3 – Screen

Destroyer (DD) (Destroyer) Destroyer Division 26 (till 10/26): USS Wilkes, Nicholson, Swanson

from 10/31: USS Marshall, USS Miller

Destroyer Squadron 6: (Cap V.D. Long):

DesDiv11 Maury/UF, Gridley (till 10/31), McCall, Helm, Craven (till /2/2?)

DesDiv12 (Cap K.F. Poehlman): Ralph Talbot, till 10/31: Mugford, Patterson, Bagley

DesRon55 DesDiv110 from 10/23 (Cdr M. Van Metre): Laws, Longshaw (till 10/27), Morris

44/09/09 Strike Mindanao airfields. Sank AP Kuniyama Maru off Basilan Island coast (06-30N,121-50E) and APs Kurenai Maru and Mihara Maru, and AK Taiyu Maru off Surigao, Mindanao Island.

(TG 38.3 – 50 miles E of Mindanao – 07-38N, 127-33E)

OPERATION “KING II.”- Leyte Landing  

Leyte Temporary Reassignments

Commander Task Force Vice Admiral Marc Mitscher; from 10/30 VAdm McCain,

Chief of Staff Commode Arleigh Burke

Operations Officer Commander James Flatley

Task Force: 44/10/07: 9 CV, 8 CVL, 6 BB, 4 CA, 10 CL, 58 DD: Laffey II (from 11/05)

Flag Ship (CL) Pasadena

44/09/16 38.4 Peleliu landing – Strike Peleliu – direct support ground troops

44/09/17 Strike Palau. 38.4 departed for Manus

44/09/19 Refuel

44/09/20 Strike Luzon

44/09/21 Arrived Seeadler Harbor – load supplies – Indiana disjoined for overhaul

44/09/25 38.4 departed Seeadler Harbor

44/09/27 Arrived Palau Refuel

44/10/09 38.4 SW Bonins – sail for Okinawa: USS Chester, Pensacola, Salt Lake City + 6 Destroyers (DD) detached to TG 30.2 for duration of Marcus bombardement

44/10/10 38.4 Strike Okinawa

  • Sank: NNW of Okinawa (26-39N, 127-52E) AS Jingei, landing ship T.158, CM Takashima and PC Cha-87 in or near Naha harbor:(26-13N, 127-40E): AM Shinpo Maru, (26-13N, 127-41E): AM Hakata Maru #6, guard boats Nanatsu Maru #26, Taisei Maru #5 guard boat Yuki Maru (26-30N, 128-00E): PT #493, #496, #498, #500, #805, #806, #810, #812, #813, #814, #820 and #820, (26-38N, 127-54E):
  • AK Horai Maru, (26-13N, 127-39E): AK Taikai Maru, Fukura Maru, Koryu Maru, Tetsuzan Maru, off Okino Daito Jima AM
  • Takunan Maru #1 (25-30N, 131-00E), off Miyako Jima AK ship Hirota Maru (24-26N, 125-20E), off Kume Jima AK Nanyo Maru;
  • Damaged::: corvette #5 and PC Ch-58 off Okinawa; guard boat Taisei Maru #6, AK Toyosaka Maru, Takashima Maru #7 outside Koniya harbor

44/10/11 AM: Refuel 38.1, 38.4- Strike N Luzon – Sank escort Yashiro, AK Banei Maru #6 off Aparri

44/10/12 Strike Formosa and N Luzon 38.4 Strike Takao area

44/10/13 38.4 attacked by planes off Formosa- USS Franklin damaged by nearby crash of enemy plane (22-55N, 123-12E)

44/10/14 38.4 Strike Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines

44/10/15 38.4 Strike Luzon – damage Franklin (16-29N, 123-57E)

44/10/16  38.4 refuel

44/10/17  38.4 Strike Legaspi and Clark Field, Luzon

44/10/18 38.1, 38.4 Strike Manila area: Sank AP/AK Hossain Maru (14-35N, 120-50E) and AK Urato Maru, Tempi Maru (14-35N, 120-55E)

44/10/19 38.1 + 38.4 Strike Manila area:

  • Sank AK Belgium Maru, Jogu Maru, Toshikawa Maru (14-35N, 120-55E); AK Kurugane Maru, Tsukubasan Maru, and Damaged: AO Ondo, AK Urado Maru
  • 38.1 + 38.4 proceed south to provide direct support for the landings at Leyte

44/10/20 Cover East approaches to Leyte Gulf. – Strike Leyte, Cebu, Negros, Panay, Mindanao

44/10/21 38.4: refuel

44/10/23  38.4: 60 miles E of southern Samar

44/10/24 38.4 off Leyte Gulf – Strike Southern Force: Sank Wakaba W of Panay Is. (11-50N, 121-25E), Damaged:: Fuso, Yamashiro – 38.4 – refuel – USS Swanson disjoined


38.4 back from refuel

Strike Visayans and Northern Luzon

38.4 cover Leyte Gulf – Strike Cebu u Island

  • Sank the LST T-101 off Ormoc Bay, Leyte (11-00N, 123-00E)
  • Helm, Gridley and VT-2 from Belleau Wood Sank I-46 120m m NE of Surigao (10-56, 127-13E)

Houston and Canberra arrived Ulithi

Ulithi Anchorage.png


Strike Manila Bay

Damaged: Naci – Intrepid damaged by kamikaze ENE of Lamon Bay, Luzon (15-07N, 124-01E)


38.4 Kamikazi damaged Franklin (10-20N, 126-40E), Belleau Wood (10-20N, 126-40E) -> will retreat to Ulithi for repairs escorted by Patterson


Marshall and Miller detached to TG 38.4.


Franklin, Belleau Wood detached to Ulithi escorted by Mugford, Bagley, Gridley and Patterson

OPERATION “KING II.”- from 44/11

Commander Task Force (CTF) from 10/30 Vice Admiral John “Slew” McCain

Light Cruiser (Light Cruiser (CL)) USS Pasadena (from 11/15?)

Destroyer (Destroyer (DD) USS Capps (from 11/22), David W. Taylor (from 11/22), , Benham II (from 44/11/0?)

TG 38.1

Commander Task Group (Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Montgomery

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Wasp II/GF, from 11/05 FF (CVG-14), Hornet II (CVG-11), Hancock (CVG-7), Yorktown II (from 11/07)

Aircraft Carrier, Small (CVL) Cowpens (CVG-22), Monterey (CVG-28)

Heavy Cruiser (CA) Canberra (do 10/23), Boston, Chester, Salt Lake City (from 11/15), Pensacola

Light Cruiser (CL) Oakland, San Diego

TU 38.1.3 – Screen

ComScreen: 11/23: ComDesRon61

Destroyer (DD) McCalla, Grayson

Spence (from 11/1?), Yarnall (from 11/23),

DesRon4 Cassin, Downes, Fanning

DesRon46 DesDiv91: Izard/SF, Charrette, Conner, Bell, Burns

DesDiv92 (till 11/20): Boyd (detached 11/07-13), Cowell, Brown

DesRon50 DesDiv100: Cogswell, Caperton, Ingersoll

DesRon61 from 44/11:

DesDiv121: De Haven II, Lyman K. Swenson, Mansfield, Maddox II, Collett

DesDiv122: Blue II, Brush, Taussig, Samuel N. Moore

DesRon53: DesDiv106 (from 11/23): Yarnall/DF, Wedderburn, Stockham

TG 38.2

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Gerald F. Bogan

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Intrepid/GF (CVG-18), Bunker Hill (until 10/06) (CVG-8), Hancock (09/25-10/19)/FF from 11/17 (CVG-7)

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Cabot (CVG-29 or 31), Independence (CVG-?)

Battleship (BB) Iowa, New Jersey/FltF

Light Cruiser (CL) Biloxi

Cruiser Division (CruDiv)14: Vincennes II, Miami

TU 38.2.3 – Screen

ComScreen Cap J.P. Womble (ComDesRon52)

Destroyer (DD) DesRon46: DesDiv92 (from 11/20): Boyd, Brown, Cowell

DesRon52: DesDiv103: Tingey/UF, Miller (10/31-11/?? detached to 38.4), Owen, The Sullivans, Stephen Potter (till 11/19)

DesDiv104: Marshall (10/31-11/?? detached to 38.4), Hickox, Hunt, Lewis Hancock

DesRon53: DesDiv105 (till 11/20): Colahan, Cushing II, Uhlmann, Halsey Powell

DesDiv106 (till 11/23): Yarnall/DF, Twining (till 11/18), Wedderburn, Stockham

11/07-09: Boyd

TG 38.3

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Frederic C. Sherman

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – USS Lexington II/FF (CVG-19), USS Essex/GF (CVG-15), (CarDiv6): Ticonderoga/DF

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Langley II (CVG-44), Princeton (CVG-27)

Battleship (BB) Massachusetts, Alabama, Indiana, South Dakota

Light Cruiser (CL) Santa Fe, Mobile, Reno, Birmingham

TU 38.3.3 – Screen

Destroyer (DD) DesRon50  DesDiv99: Clarence K. Bronson/SF, Cotten, Dortch, Gatling, Healy

DesDiv100: Cogswell/DF, Caperton, Ingersoll, Knapp

DesRon55 DesDiv109: Porterfield, Callaghan, Cassin Young, Preston II, Irwin

DesDiv110: Laws, Morrison

TG 38.4

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Ralph E. Davison (ComCarDiv2)

TU 38.4.1

Commander Task Unit (CTU) ComCarDiv2

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Enterprise, (CVG-20)/GF, Bunker Hill (CVG-8), Yorktown II (11/03 – 11/07)

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) San Jacinto (CVG-51), Belleau Wood (CVG-21)

TU 38.4.2

Commander Task Unit (CTU) ComCruDiv6

Battleship (BB) Alabama (11/18-11/20)

CA (Heavy Cruiser) CruDiv6: Wichita, Minneapolis, New Orleans

Light Cruiser (CL) San Diego, Oakland (11/18-11/20 detached)

TU 38.4.3

Commander Task Unit (CTU) till 11/12: ComDesRon6

from 11/12: ComDesRon6 Cap W.L. Freseman

Destroyer (Destroyer (DD)) till 11/20: Dyson, Welles, Thorn, O’Brien II

from 11/20: Stephen Potter + DesRon53/DesDiv105: Cushing II, Halsey Powell, Uhlmann, Benham II, DesRon6, Maury/UF,SF, Gridley, McCall, Helm (till 11/18), Twining (from 11/18)

DesRon60: DesDiv119: Walke II/SF, Laffey II, Barton II

DesDiv120: Allen M. Sumner/DF, Moale, Cooper, Inghaham II (till 11/18)


38.2: Iowa, New Jersey, CruDiv14 and DesRon52 detached to form TG 34.5


38.4 Ulithi


38.4 – Yorktown II joined


38.2 – Marshall and Miller rejoined – departed for position off Pollillo Is., Luzon for Strikes. Franklin, Belleau Wood arrived Ulithi

44/11/05 Off Polilo – Strike Luzon, Mindoro, Manila Bay, Lingayen Gulf.

38.4 Departed for Ulithi

44/11/06 Thorn joined. 38.4 arrived Leyte.

PM: Strike Luzon, Mindoro, Manila Bay, Lingayen Gulf, then departed for refuel

44/11/07 North Carolina joined.

38.4 refuel – Yorktown II transferred to 38.1, then sail to area 17-30N, 138-30E to evade typhoon

44/11/08 Patrols off Philippines, evading typhoon.

38.4 in vicinity 17-30N, 138-30E


38.4 in vicinity 17-30N, 138-30E, departed to area 11-00N, 127-00E in preparation for Strikes


38.4 sail to vicinity 13-30N, 125-30E

44/11/11 3

  • 8.1, 38.3, 38.4 Strike reinforcement convoy (Operation “TA-3”) heading to Ormoc Bay: Sank all 4 transports + Destroyer (DD) Hamanami, Naganamii, Shimakaze II, Wakacuki (10-50N, 124-35E).

38.4 Strike Leyte – Destroyer (DD)s refuel from heavy ships

44/11/12 Refuel 200 miles E of San Bernadino Straits (13-26N, 125-04E).

38.4 refuel in vicinity 13-30N, 128-30E, then proceed to vicinity 15-30N, 123-30E


38.1, 38.3, 38.4 Strike central and southern Luzon – primary target was ships that would reinforce Leyte:

  • Sank Kiso, Hacuharu, Okinami, PC Cha-116 in Manila Bay, 6 nm NW of Cavite (14-35, 120-50E)
  • Sank AK Eiwa Maru, Kinka Maru, Kakogawa Maru, Sekiho Maru, Teiyu Maru, Taitoku Maru, Hatsu Maru, Seiwa Maru, Shinkoku Maru at Manila Harbor (14-35, 120-55E) ; Damaged: Ushio
  • Sank Akebono, Akishimo, AO Ondo, guard boat Daito Maru at Cavite (14-29N, 120-55)
  • Sank AK Heian Maru at Cabcaben
  • Sank PC Cha-116 20 nm W of Cavite (14-30N, 120-45E)

After Strikes TG retired eastward


38.1, 38.4 Strike Luzon from vicinity 15-30N, 123-30E, after Strikes retired to vicinity 15-30N, 127-30E

  • Sank AP Tatsuta Maru; AO Horai Maru #5; AK Hatsu Maru, Aoki Maru at Manila ; Damaged: AP Tottori Maru; AK Miyagi Maru
  • Sank AK Yukihisa Maru off Luzon coast 25 nm S of Corregidor (13-58N, 120-36E)
  • in Mindoro Strait (12-40N, 120-41E) attacking convoy SIMA-04 and Sank AO Aigiri Maru; Damaged:: AK Yutaka Maru; PC Ch-1, Ch-19, Ch-26, Ch-36

38.2 departed Ulithi to relieve 38.3 E of Central Philippines.

38.3, relieved, departed to Ulithi for rearm & resupply

44/11/15 Retiring eastward from striking area for refueling

44/11/16 Refueled from TG 30.8 in vicinity 13-30N, 131-30E, then 38.1, 38.2 and 38.4 joined together

44/11/17 38.1 and 38.4 rendezvous in vicinity 13-00N, 131-25E

44/11/18 Refuel from TG 30.8, then proceed to vicinity 16N, 124E for additional Strikes on Manila area, Central and Southern Luzon.

38.4: Alabama rejoined, Twining joined from 38.1, Wichita detached to Ulithi for engine inspection escorted by Oakland, Helm and Ingraham II

44/11/19 In vicinity 16-00N, 124-00E – Strike Luzon, then retired to NE. Strike convoy 16 nm NW of San Fernando, Luzon (16-50N, 120-08E): Sank AK Esashi Maru, PC Ch-19, Ch-26.

38.4 attacked by aircraft

44/11/20 Retired to East. 38.2 – DesRon53/DesDiv106 transferred to TG 38.4. Alabama, Pasadena, McCall, Dyson, Thorn, Welles transferred from 38.4 to TG 38.1; Oakland, DesRon53/DesDiv106 and Stephen Potter joined

44/11/21 38.4 departed for Ulithi

44/11/22 David W. Taylor, Capps joined from TG 30.8. 38.4 Strike Yap, then arrived Ulithi.

44/11/24 38.4 refuel 250 miles E of central Philippines (14-12N, 128-22 E)

44/11/25 Strike Luzon. 38.2 – Intrepid damaged by kamikaze (15-47N, 123-14E), Independence by aircraft landing accident (15-47N, 124-14E).

  • Intrepid sank APA T-6, T-10, Damaged: T-9 and Take at Balanacan Harbor, Marinduque Island (13-25N, 121-55E).

38.3 – kamikaze damage Essex (15-47N, 123-14E).

  • Ticonderoga sank Kumano in Dasol Bay, Luzon (15-45N, 119-48E)
  • Essex and Langley sank Yasoshima (15-45N, 119-45E) and landing ships T-112, T-142, T-161 (15-40N,191-45E) SW of Santa Cruz, Luzon Essex and Langley sank AK Manei Maru #6, Damaged: AK Kasagisan Maru in san Fernando harbor (16-37N, 120-19E)

44/11/25 Task Force 38 departed Philippines for Ulithi.

End of “KING II.” operations

44/11/26 Refuel, Sail to Ulithi

44/11/27 Back in Ulithi for replenishment

OPERATION “LOVE III.” – Mindoro Landing

Commander Task Force (CTF) VAdm John “Slew” McCain

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Lexington, Hancock, Wasp, Essex, Ticonderoga, Yorktown II

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) San Jacinto, Cowpens, Monterey, Langley, Cabot, Independence

Battleship (BB) New Jersey/FltF, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Washington, South Dakota, Massachusetts, Alabama

Heavy Cruiser (CA ) Baltimore, Louisville, New Orleans

Light Cruiser (CL) Miami, Biloxi, Astoria II, San Diego, Santa Fe, Mobile, Vincennes II, Pasadena, Oakland

Destroyers (Destroyer (DD)) Buchanan, Hickox, Spence, Brown, Dyson, Thatcher, McCord, Capps, Haggard, Bell, Hobby, Franks

DesRon23: DesDiv45:Dyson

DesDiv46: Spence/DF, Thatcher

DesRon50: Clarence K. Bronson/SF

DesDiv99: Cotten, Gatling, Healy

DesDiv100: Cogswell/DF, Caperton, Knapp

TG 38.1

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Albert E. Montgomery

Aircraft Carrier Yorktown II (Aircraft Carrier (CVG-3)/GF, Essex (CVG-4), Ticonderoga (CVG-80), Wasp II

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Langley, San Jacinto

Battleship (BB) Alabama

Heavy Cruiser (CA) Boston

CruDiv6: San Francisco/DF

Light Cruiser (CL) Santa Fe

Destroyer (DD) DesRon53: DesDiv105: Uhlmann, Cushing II/SF, Colahan, Benham II, Halsey, Powell

DesDiv106: Twining, Yarnall, , Stockham, Wedderburn

TG 38.2

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Gerald F. Bogan

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Lexington/GF (CVG-20), Hancock (CVG-7), Hornet II (CVG-11)

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Independence, Monterey

Battleship (BB) New Jersey, Iowa

Light Cruiser (CL) Astoria II, San Juan

Destroyer (DD) Hailey, Halsey, Powell

DesRon52: DesDiv103: Stephen Potter, The Sullivans, Miller, Owen, Tingey

DesDiv104: Hunt, Marshall

TG 38.3

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Sherman

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Ticonderoga (CV-80), Essex (CV-15)

Aircraft Carrier, Light (CVL) USS Langley II (CV-1)

Battleship (BB)

Light Cruiser (CL)

Destroyer (DD) Thatcher

DesRon55: DesDiv109: Porterfield, Preston II, Callaghan, Cassin Young

DesDiv110: Longshaw, Pritchett, Laws

DesRon61: DesDiv121: De Haven II, Mansfield, Lyman K. Swenson, Collet, Maddox II

DesDiv122: Blue II, Samuel N. Moore, Taussig, Brush

44/12/01 38.2 departed Ulithi

44/12/10 38.1 departed Ulithi

44/12/11 Departed Ulithi for Strikes on Luzon

44/12/12 TF joined together. 38.3 refuel 350 miles E of Luzon (15-08N, 132-10E)

44/12/13 Strike Luzon.

38.1 refuel from TG 30.8

44/12/14 Strike Luzon – Clark Field, Angeles Field, Salvador Is.

  • 38.2 – Hornet II. Sank landing ship T-109 off Vigan, Luzon (17-35N, 120-20E)

44/12/15 Strike Luzon – Masinloc, San Fernando, Manila Bay and Cabatuan

  • Sank LST T-106 8 nm WSW of Masinloc, Luzon (15-30N, 119-50E),
  • Damaged: corvette #54 N of Calayan Is., Luzon Channel (19-25N, 121-25E)

44/12/16 Strike Luzon:

  • Sank AK Oryoku Maru in Subic Bay 14-45N, 120-13E) – 1600 Allied POWs onboard. Estimated 200 killed in the attack.

44/12/17 Refuel

38.3  500 miles E of the Philippines (14-57N, 129-56E)

44/12/18 Typhoon “Cobra” sunk Spence, damaged Cowpens, Monterey, Cabot, San Jacinto, Miami, Buchanan, Dyson, Hickox, Benham II

  • Sank s/s Nikko Maru #1 off Olongapo, Subic Bay (14-48N, 120-16E)

44/12/19 Refuel. 38.3 – 250 miles E of the Philippines (12-51N, 128-22E)

Thatcher transferred to TG 30.8

44/12/20 Sail for Luzon

44/12/21 Retired for Ulithi

44/12/22 38.1 refuel from TG 30.8

44/12/23 38.1 sail for Ulithi

44/12/24 Arrived Ulithi

OPERATION “MIKE I.” – Luzon Landing &

OPERATION “GRATITUDE” (Indochina Strikes)

Ship lineup probably same as off Mindoro

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Hornet II  (CVG-11), Hancock (CVG-7), Ticonderoga  (CVG-80)

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Independence, Cowpens, Cabot

Battleship (BB) Washington

Light Cruiser (CL) Flint, Biloxi, Astoria II, San Diego, San Juan, Vincennes II, Pasadena, Miami, Wilkes-Barre

Destroyer (DD) Buchanan, Hazelwood, Dyson, Hobby

DesRon47 DesDiv93: McCord, Trathen (38.2 from 01/05)

DesDiv94: Haggard, Franks

DesRon50: Clarence K. Bronson/SF

DesDiv99: Cotten, Gatling, Healy

DesDiv100: Cogswell/DF, Caperton, Ingersoll, Knapp

DesRon55: DesDiv109: Porterfield, Callaghan, Cassin Young, Preston II

DesDiv110: Longshaw, Pritchett, Laws

TG 38.1

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Arthur W. Radford

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Yorktown II/GF (CVG-3), Wasp II (CVG-81), Essex ??

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Cowpens (CVG-22)

Battleship (BB) Massachusetts, South Dakota

CA (Heavy Cruiser) Boston, Batlimore, San Francisco

Light Cruiser (CL) Santa Fe, Flint (temporarily attached 01/11/-01/12)

TU 38.1.3 – Screen

ComScreen: 44/12/30 ComDesRon61

Destroyer (DD) DesRon53: DesDiv105: Cushing II, Uhlmann, Colahan, Halsey Powell, Benham II

DesDiv106: Yarnall, Twining, Wedderburn, Stockham (from 01/07)

DesRon61: DesDiv121: De Haven II, Mansfield, Lyman K. Swenson, Collett, Maddox II

DesDiv122: Blue II, Brush, Taussig, Samuel N. Moore

TG 38.2

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Gerald F. Bogan

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Hornet II, Hancock, Lexington II/GF

Battleship (BB) New Jersey/FltF, Wisconsin

CA (Heavy Cruiser) (temporarily attached 01/11-01/12): Boston, Baltimore

Light Cruiser (CL) San Juan

CruDiv17: Wilkes-Barre, Pasadena, Astoria II

Destroyer (DD) Trathen (from 01/05)

DesRon52 DesDiv103: The Sullivans, Miller, Owen, Stephen Potter, Tingey

DesDiv104: Hunt, Marshall

DesRon62 DesDiv123: Ault, English, Waldron, Haynsworth, Charles S. Sperry

DesDiv124: Wallace L. Lind, John W. Weeks, Hank

DesRon61: (temporarily attached 01/11-01/12):

DesDiv121: De Haven II, Mansfield, Lyman K. Swenson, Collett, Maddox II

DesDiv122: Blue II, Brush, Taussig, Samuel N. Moore

TG 38.3

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Essex

Light Cruiser (CL) Flint (detached 01/11-01/12)

Destroyer (DD)

TG 38.4

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Ticonderoga (CVG-80) (till 01/21)

Destroyer (DD) Knapp

TG 38.5 created – 44/12

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Enterprise

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Independence

44/12/30  TF Departed Ulithi

45/01/03 Strike Formosa airfields

45/01/02 38.1, 38.2 refuel from TG 30.8

45/01/03 Strike Formosa:

  • Sank landing ship Shinshu Maru, AKs Kinrei Maru, Ume Maru #2, Kawauchi Maru #22, Sanni Maru, another unidentified Maru
  • Damaged:: AK Kibitsu Maru, Hyuga Maru, Nichiyu Maru #2, Taiwa Maru #36, Kakuju Maru

45/01/04 Strike Formosa:

  • Sank PC Cha-163, Cha-176, Cha-210; Damaged:: escort Ikuna and auxiliary PC Cha 204 in Formosa Strait
  • near Takao, Formosa Damaged: AM W-41
  • Sank AN Iwata Maru NE of Formosa

45/01/05 Refuel from TG 30.8

38.2 – Trathen joined. 300 miles NE of Luzon (22-40N, 122-47E)

  • 45/01/06 SE Cape Engano – Strike Luzon area: in South China Sea off northern Luzon Sank AK Kyodo Maru, AO Nanko Maru #1, Yasaka Maru #8, Kyoei Maru #6, Nanshin Maru #10, Kyoei Maru #10, Kyoei Maru #3

45/01/07 Strike Luzon

45/01/08 Strike Luzon

Refuel from TG 30.8 255 miles NE of Luzon (19-32N, 125-43E)

45/01/09 Bashi Channel, Luzon Strait – Strike Formosa, Luzon, Pescadores:


  • N of Keelung (27-10N, 121-45E): Corvette #3
  • S of Formosa: AO Kuroshio Maru, Kaiho Maru, AK Fukuyama Maru south of Formosa
  • off Keelung: AK Ume Maru #21 – 20 nm SSW of Takao, Formosa (22-40N, 120-04E) PC Ch-61
  • 20 nm WNW of Takao, Formosa (23-04N, 119-51E)AK Hasegawa Maru
  • Damaged::
  • off Takao, Formosa: escort Yashiro, AO Kamoi, DE Miyake, AK Tainan Maru
  • off Saei: corvettes #9, #13, #60
  • in Formosa Strait: PC Cha-161
  • off Keelung AM W-102, PC Nitto Maru #22
  • N of Formosa PC Kinsui Mar

45/01/10 Entered South China Sea via Bashi Channel

45/01/11 38.1 – Boston, Baltimore and (DesRon 61) temporarily detached to TG 38.2

45/01/12 Begin Operation “Gratitude” – Strike SE French Indochina

Battleship (BB)s and CA/Light Cruiser (CL)s Strike Cam Ranh Bay


  • N of Qui Nhon: Kashii (13-50N, 109-20E); corvette #23 and corvette #51 (14-15N, 109-10E); AP Kembu Maru, AK Yushu Maru, Kyokuun Maru, Hotsusan Maru, Tatsuhato Maru, Otsusan Maru, Yujo Maru, Banshu Maru #63; AO Shoei Maru
  • off Cape St. Jacques: corvette #17, #19, escort Ciburi (10-20N, 107-50E); AO Kumagawa Maru, AP Shinsei Maru, Toyu Maru (10-20N, 107-45E); AO Akashi Maru
  • SE of Cape St. Jacques: AO Koshin Maru, Ayanami Maru, Hoei Maru, Eiho Maru; AK Kensei Maru
  • off Cape Pasdaran (11-10N, 108-55E): PC Ch-31, AM W-101, patrol #103, corvette #35, corvette #43, AO Aya Yuki Maru
  • off Cam Ranh Bay: PC Ch-43 (11-53N, 109-08E); AM Otowa Maru (11-50N, 109-00E)
  • at Saigon: LST T-140, stores ship Akutagawa Maru (10-20N, 107-50E); AK Kiyo Maru, Shinsei Maru #17, Kenei Maru, Taikyu Maru, AO Horai Maru #9
  • east coast (exact location unspecified) of French Indochina: AK Eiman Maru, Manryu Maru #2


  • north of Qui Nhon: escorts Daito, Ukuru, corvette #27, AO San Luis Maru
  • at Cam Ranh Bay: PC Ch-34, AK Ryu MaMaru
  • off Cape St. Jacques: LST T-149, T-137; AO Koei Maru #3
  • off Saigon: LST T-131, AK Chefoo Maru, Kanju Maru
  • at entrance to Vung Tau: guard boat Fushimi Maru #2
  • SE of Cape St. Jacques: AK France Maru; AO Shingi Maru

Strike Tourane Bay, Indochina

38.1 Boston, Baltimore and (DesRon 61) rejoined from TG 38.2

38.2  Strike Saigon, Cam Ranh Bay

  • Sank Lamotte-Picquet

38.3 50 miles E of Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam (12-07N, 109-58E)

45/01/13 Refuel from TG 30.8 Fast Refueling Group

45/01/14 Refuel from TG 30.8 Fast Refueling Group

38.2 Struck Formosa

45/01/15 Strike Formosa, Hong Kong, Canton:


  • Tsuga (23-33N, 119-33E),
  • Hatakaze and APA T-14 (22-37N, 120-15E);
  • AO Mirii Maru, AK Enoshima Maru off Takao; Tsuga off Mako (23-33N, 119-33E);
  • ARS Horei Maru at San Fernando, Luzon


  • AM Marushima off Formosa and AK Beiju Maru and Yushin Maru off Keelung

38.3 150 miles SW of Formosa (20-09 N 118-11 E)

45/01/16 Strike Hong Kong, Hainan, Canton:

  • Off Hongkong
    • Sank: AP Hokkai Maru, AO Tenei Maru, Matsushima Maru Sanko Maru, AK Anri Go #2
    • Damaged: AO Kamoi, destroyer Hasu, APA T-108, DE Shinnan and Nomi, corvette #60
  • Off Yulin:
    • Sank: AO Harima Maru
    • Damaged: DE Daito
  • E of Hainan:
    • Sank: guard boat Taiyo Maru #1
  • Off coast of South China:
    • Sank: AO Manryu Maru #6

38.3 125 miles SE of Hong Kong and Hainan (20-08 N 114-55 E)

45/01/17 Start refuel

38.3 200 miles W of Luzon (16-54N, 116-53E)

45/01/18 Refueling in process

38.3 180 miles W of Luzon ( (17-30N, 117-29E)

45/01/19 Ended refuel

38.3 180 miles W of Luzon (15-08N, 118-06E)

45/01/20 Exited South China Sea via Balintang Channel

Strike Formosa, Pescadores, Sakishima Gunto

45/01/21 Strike Formosa, Pescadores, Luzon, Sakishima Gunto, Okinawa, Rj Kjus:

  • Off Takao, Formosa:
    • Sank: AO Eiho Maru, Manoj Maru, Shincho Maru, Hoei Maru #3, Hoei Maru #5, Yamazawa Maru; AK Kuroshio Maru, Enoura Maru, Osaka Maru, Nichiyo Maru #2, Teifu Maru, Daigo Maru, Yayoi Maru; fishing boat Brunei Maru
    • Damaged: Kashi, Sugi, LST T-114, T-143, AK Yulin Maru, water supply vessel Nikko Maru
    • Off Mako, Pescadores: Damaged: Harukaze
  • At Keelung, Formosa:
    • Yorktown II and Cabot (CVL)-28) Sank AO Munakata Maru

Attacked by kamikaze. – Langley II damaged (bomb) ( 22-40N, 122-51E)

Hancock – damaged (VT-7 crash landing) (22-40N, 122-30E)

38.1 – Maddox II damaged by kamikaze. (23-06N, 122-43E)

38.3 130 miles E of Formosa (22-38 N 122-53 E)

38.4 Ticonderoga disabled by kamikaze. (22-40N, 122-57E) – retired to Ulithi escorted by Halsey Powell

45/01/22 Strike & photo reconnaissance Okinawa:

  • At Okinawa: Sank motor sail ships Iroha Maru #1, Myoken Maru; fishing boat Waei Maru #1
  • In Gima harbor, Kume Island: Sank AK Suma Maru
  • Off Miyako Jima: Sank AO Nanko Maru #2, Nanshin Maru #2
  • In Toguchi harbor, Okinawa (26-39N, 127-53E): Sank AK Hikosan Maru
  • In Nansei Shoto: Sank guard boat Chitose Maru #6 38.2 – refuel

45/01/23 Refuel from TG 30.8

38.3 350 Miles E of Luzon (20-18 N 127-25 E)

45/01/25 Back at Ulithi

45/01/26 38.1 arrived Ulithi

45/01/27- TF 38 > Redesignated TF 58

CTF VAdm Marc A. Mitscher (ComCarTaskFor1)

unassigned ships:

CA Salt Lake City

DD Buchanan, Pritchett (till 02/19), Laws, Hobby, Norman Scott, Mertz, Lowry, Benham

TG 58.1

CTG RAdm Joseph J. Clark

?TU 58.1.1? – Carrier Unit

CTU RAdm Joseph J. Clark (ComCarDiv5)

CV Bennington, Wasp II (CVG-81), Hornet II

CVL Belleau Wood (CVG-30)

TU 58.1.2 – Support Unit

CTU RAdm J.E. Shafroth (ComBatDiv8)

BB BatDiv8 (RAdm J.E. Shafroth): Massachusetts, Indiana

CL CruDiv14 (RAdm Francis E.M. Whiting): Vincennes II, Miami, San Juan

TU 58.1.3 – Screen

DD 15: DesRon25 (Cap Henry Crommelin)

DesDiv49 (Cap Henry Crommelin): John Rodgers/SF,DF, Harrison, McKee, Murray

DesDiv50 (Cap H.O. Parrish): Ringgold/DF (till 03/03), Schroeder, Sigsbee, Dashiell

DesRon61: DesDiv121: De Haven II, Mansfield, Lyman K. Swenson, Collett

DesDiv122: Blue II, Brush, Taussig, Samuel N. Moore

TG 58.2

CTG RAdm Ralph E. Davison

TU 58.2.? – Carrier Unit

CTU RAdm Ralph E. Davison

CV Lexington II (CVG-9), Hancock (CVG-80)

Enterprise (CVG(N)-90) (from 45/02/21)

CVL San Jacinto

TU 58.2.? – Support Unit

BB Wisconsin, Missouri

CB Alaska (from 45/02/21)

CA San Francisco (till 02/27), Boston, Pittsburgh

Baltimore (from 45/02/21)

TU 58.2.3 – Screen

ComScreen ComDesRon52

CL Flint (from 45/02/21)

DD 19:Longshaw (from 45/02/21)

DesRon52: DesDiv103: The Sullivans, Stephen Potter (till 02/27), Tingey, Miller, Owen

DesDiv104: Marshall, Hunt, Lewis Hancock, Hickox

DesRon53: DesDiv105: Cushing II, Uhlmann (till 02/20), Halsey Powell (till 02/27), Colahan (till 02/27), Benham II (till 02/27)

DesDiv106: Yarnall (till 03/03), Twining, Stockham, Wedderburn

DesRon54 (from 45/02/21): Remey/SF, Monssen II

TG 58.3

CTG RAdm Frederic C. Sherman

TU 58.3.? – Carrier Unit

CTU RAdm Frederic C. Sherman

CV Essex, Bunker Hill (from 02/15)

CVL Cowpens

TU 58.3.? – Support Unit

BB South Dakota, New Jersey

CA Indianapolis/FltF (from 02/14)

CL CruDiv17: Pasadena, Wilkes-Barre, Astoria II

TU 58.3.3 – Screen

DD DesRon50: DesDiv99: Dortch, Clarence K. Bronson, Cotten, Gatling, Healy

DesRon55: DesDiv109: Callaghan, Cassin Young, Irwin, Preston II

DesRon62: DesDiv123: Ault, English, Charles S. Sperry, Waldron (detached 02/18-02/27), Haynsworth

DesDiv124: Wallace L. Lind, John W. Weeks, Borie, Hank

TG 58.4

CTG RAdm Arthur W. Radford

TU 58.4.? – Carrier Unit

CTU RAdm Arthur W. Radford

CV Yorktown II/GF,UF, Randolph (CVG-12)

CVL Langley II, Cabot

TU 58.4.? – Support Unit

BB Washington, North Carolina, Missouri( from 03/05)

CA from 02/27: San Francisco

CL Biloxi, Santa Fe, San Diego

TU 58.4.3 – Screen

DD 17: Monssen II, Porterfield, O’Brien II

DesrRon47: DesDiv93: Heermann, Trathen, Hazelwood, McCord

DesDiv94: Hailey, Haggard, Franks

Desron60: DesDiv119: Laffey II (from 02/?), Barton II

DesDiv120: Moale, Ingraham II

from 02/27: Benham II, Colahan, Halsey Powell, Stephen Potter

TG 58.5 – dissolved 45/02/21

CTG RAdm Matthias B. Gardner

CV Enterprise/GF (CVG(N)-90), Saratoga

CB Alaska

CA Baltimore

CL Flint

DD 9: Longshaw

DesRon54: DesDiv107: Remey/SF, McGowan, Melvin

DesDiv108: McNair, Monssen II

TG 58.5 – reformed 45/02/23

CTG RAdm Matthias B. Gardner

CV Enterprise/GF (CVG(N)-90)

CB Alaska

CA Baltimore

CL Flint

DD 9: Longshaw

DesRon54: DesDiv107: Remey/SF

DesDiv108: McNair

TG 58.8 – Destroyer Scouting Group


DD DesDiv105: Cushing II, Uhlmann, Halsey Powell, Colahan, Benham II


DD 4 DesDivs: DesDiv105: Cushing II, Uhlmann, Halsey Powell, Colahan, Benham II


DD DesDiv105: Cushing II, Uhlmann, Halsey Powell, Colahan, Benham II

TG 58.? ?Detached > (maybe different TF )?

BB Washington, North Carolina

CA Indianapolis

CL Biloxi, Santa Fe

DD John W. Weeks

TG 58.12

CA Boston, San Francisco

DD DesDiv106: Yarnall, Twining, Stockham, Wedderburn

45/02/05 58.4 E of Ulithi

45/02/10 Departed Ulithi for Japan

45/02/11 58.2 – DesDiv105 detached to TG 58.8

45/02/12 58.2 – DesDiv105 rejoined from TG 58.8

45/02/13 Refuel from TG 50.8

58.3 400 Miles NE of Luzon (20-58 N 148-43 E)

45/02/14 Refuel from TG 50.8 – Indianapolis joined


  • Sank guard boats Choyo Maru #3 (30-00N, 141-00E), Santoku Maru #2 off southern Japan (30-00N, 143-00E)

58.2 – DesDiv105 detached to TG 58.8

58.3 SE of Tokyo (29-50 N 146-24 E)

58.4 Refuel – Ingraham II and Barton II damaged in collision off Iwo Jima (31-45N, 141-54E)

58.8 formed from 4 DesDivs to make screen ahead of TF 58 main forces


45/02/16 Strike Tokyo area

58.3 125 Miles SE of Tokyo (34-16N, 141-40E)

45/02/17 Strike Tokyo, Yokohama – Tachikawa motor factory, Kasumigaura

58.2 – DesDiv105 rejoined from TG 58.8

58.3 – USS Haynsworth sank guard boat Nanshin Maru #36 SW of Mikimoto light, PC Wafu Maru off Omaezaki light

1330 Relieved towards Iwo Jima

58.8 dissolved ??

45/02/18 Off Iwo Jima, Strike Chichijima

  • Sank PG Hiyoshi Maru #2 at Futami, Chichijima (27-05N, 142-11E)

58.3 75 Miles NW of Iwo Jima (29-44 N 140-29 E), DDs fight with picket boats – damaged Waldron (29-27N, 141-34E), Dortch (30-01N, 141-45E)

  • Dortch Sank PC Ayukawa Maru NW of Iwo Jima (27-35N, 121-16E)

58.4 – Washington and Hailey damaged in collision

  • 58.4 – Barton II, Ingraham II and Morale sank guardboats Nanshin M. #35 W of Torishima (30-00N, 137-30E), Kyowa Maru #3 S of Honshu (31-00N, 137-30E), Fukuichi Maru #5 off Torishima (30-00N, 141-00E)

45/02/19 D-Day Iwo Jima

58.? shell Iwo Jima – Indianapolis damaged in collision with AE Shasta off Iwo Jima, John W. Weeks damaged by shore battery off Iwo Jima (25-32N, 141-01E)

Strike Iwo Jima, Chichijima, Hahajima , Tokyo

Pritchett transferred to TU 52.2.5

58.1, 58.4 Refuel

45/02/20 Strike Iwo Jima

58.2 Uhlmann disjoined to Ulithi

San Francisco, Boston + DesDiv106 detached to join TU 54.1.18

58.3 refuel 75 Miles W of Iwo Jima (25-14 N 140-00 E)

– CruDiv17 detached to join TU 54.1.18

58.4 – Biloxi damaged by friendly fire off Iwo Jima (25-47N, 141-15E)

45/02/21 Strike Tokyo

58.3 75 Miles W of Iwo Jima (25-14 N 140-00 E)

-Strike Chichijima, Hahajima

58.4 – Langley II damaged by bomb

58.5 dissolved – Saratoga, McGowan, Melvin and McNair assigned to TF 52 as TU 52.2.4

45/02/22 58.3 Strike Iwo Jima

58.12 created

45/02/23 Refuel 200 Miles E of Iwo Jima (25-32N, 145-03E), then departed for strikes on Japan

58.2 – Enterprise with escort detached to reform TG 58.5

58.12 dissolved

45/02/24 Strike Tokyo

58.2 – DesDiv105 detached to TG 58.8

58.8 created

45/02/25 Strike Tokyo

  • Off Tori Jima
    • Hazelwood and Murray sank guardboats Fuji M. #1, Koki M. (31-06N, 141-00E) and Seiun M. #5 (31-00N, 141-00E)

58.1 – Harrison damaged by storm S of Honshu (33-00N, 141-00E)

58.3 175 Miles SE of Tokyo (30-07 N 142-40E)

45/02/26 Strike Tokyo, Hacino Islands, Nagoja

  • Stockham Sank patrol craft off Tori Shima

San Francisco, Colahan, Halsey Powell, Benham II, John W. Weeks, Stephen Potter, Preston II. damaged in storm off Iwo Jima

58.3 – Pasadena damaged by gunfire from guard boat S of Honshu (31-20N, 141-15E)

58.4 – Porterfield damaged by gunfire from guard boat S of Honshu (33-10N, 143-30E)

58.5 Strike Chichijima

U.S. Navy Refueling Ship i.e. USS Merrimack, (Kennebec Class Oiler [AO])

45/02/27 Refueled 100 miles SW of Iwo Jima (23-08N, 140-41E)

58.2 – San Jacinto damaged in collision with AO Merrimack off Iwo Jima (23-00N, 139-00E);

San Francisco, Benham II, Colahan, Halsey Powell, Stephen Potter detached to TG 58.4

58.3 – Waldron rejoined

58.4 Departed to Ulithi

45/02/28 58.2, 58.3 refuel

58.4 – Laffey II detached to deliver mail and photos to CinCPac at Guam

45/03/01 Strike + reconnaissance Okinawa


  • Off Naha, Okinawa (26-17N, 127-35E): Manazuru, PG Cho Hakusan Maru, AK Ryukyu Maru
  • Off Ishigaki Jima (24-23N, 124-12E): CM Tsubame
  • Iin Kuji Bay (28-10N, 129-05E): supply ship Kanezaki and AK Hoshi Maru #11
  • Off Miyako Retto (24-46N, 125-30E): AP Toyosaka Maru
  • Off Okinawa: AK Kenzan Maru
  • Off Miyako Jima: AK Taiken Maru
  • Off Naze: Luzon Maru
  • Off Amami-O-Shima: AK Kiku Maru


  • Off Ishigaki Jima (24-23N, 124-12E): escort destroyer Fukue and AM Kuwajima
  • Off Amami-O-Shima: Tomozaurus, AM Seki Maru
  • Off Ishikiri, Suwanose Island: PC Ch-49
  • Off Miyako Jima:  s/s Dosei Maru and Otsu Maru by guns in Kuji Bay

58.1.? – Shell Okino Daito Shima

58.3 75 miles SE of Okinawa (25-43 N 128-56 E)

58.4 Arrived Ulithi

45/03/02 Departed for Ulithi

58.1 – CruDiv14 + DesRon61 shell Okino Daito Shima

58.3 – DesDiv109 shell Parece Vela Reef in the Philippine Sea

58.4 – Ulithi – Laffey II rejoined

45/03/03 Refuel

USS Yarnall DD 541 in Pacific Theater ca 1944

58.2 – Ringgold damaged by collision with Yarnall

58.5 Strike Chichijima

  • Sank: small AK in Higashi Harbor, Hahajima

PM – support units created TF 59 (OTC – ComBatRon2)

45/03/04 Back at Ulithi

45/03/05 Sank PC Cha-224 off Mako, Pescadores

45/03/09 58.5 departed Iwo Jima for Ulithi

45/03/11 58.4 – Laffey II, Barton II, O’Brien transferred to TF 54

45/03/12 58.5 arrived Ulithi

“OPERATION ICEBERG” – before 45/04/07 PM

CTF VAdm Marc A. Mitscher

unassigned ships:

CVL Monterey

CA Indianapolis (03/14 – 03/24)

CL St. Louis (03/15??-03/25?), Atlanta II (from 05/12)

DD Buchanan

TG 58.1

CTG RAdm Joseph J. Clark

CV Hornet, Bennington, Wasp II(till 03/19)

CVL Belleau Wood, San Jacinto

BB BatDiv8: Massachusetts, Indiana

CA 4: Baltimore, Pittsburgh

CL San Juan, Vincennes II, Vicksburg, Miami (until 04/30?)

DD DesRon25: DesDiv49: John Rodgers/SF,DF, Harrison, McKee, Murray (till 03/31)

DesDiv50: Schroeder (till 03/31), Sigsbee, Dashiell

DesRon53: DesDiv106: Stockham (from 03/15), Wedderburn (from 03/20)

DesRon61: DesDiv121: De Haven II/SF, Mansfield, Lyman K. Swenson, Collett, Maddox II,

DesDiv122: Taussig, Samuel N. Moore, Brush, Blue II

TG 58.2

CTG RAdm Ralph E. Davison

CV Franklin(GF,CVG-5)(till 03/19), Randolph

BB Wisconsin

CA Pittsburgh

CL Santa Fe

DD English (till 03/20)

DesRon52: DesDiv103: Miller, Owen, The Sullivans (till 03/20), Stephen Potter, Tingey

DesDiv104: Marshall, Hunt, Lewis Hancock, Hickox

DesRon53 DesDiv105: Halsey Powell (till 03/20), Uhlmann (till 03/20)

DesDiv106: Wedderburn, Twining

TU 58.2.9 45/03/19-45/03/24

CB CruDiv16: Alaska, Guam

CA Pittsburgh

CL Santa Fe

DD 3 DesDiv: Twining, Hunt, Wedderburn, English, Waldron (till 03/22)

DesRon52: DesDiv103: Stephen Potter, The Sullivans, Tingey

DesDiv104: Marshall, Hickox

!!! TG 58.2 – 45/03/20 – 45/04/08 D I S J O I N E D !!!

TG 58.3

CTG RAdm Frederic C. Sherman

CV Bunker Hill/FF, Essex/GF, Hancock (until 04/09),

CVL Bataan, Cabot (untill 05/??)

BB South Dakota (till 05/06), Washington, North Carolina

CL Astoria II

CruDiv17: Wilkes-Barre, Springfield, Pasadena

DD The Sullivans (from 04/0?) Tingey (from 04/0?),

DesRon48: DesDiv95: Erben (from 03/15), Walker, Hale, Stembel

DesDiv96: Kidd, Black, Bullard, Chauncey

DesRon62: DesDiv123: Ault, English (from 04/1?), Charles S. Sperry, Waldron (detached 03/19-03/22), Haynsworth (till 04/06)

DesDiv124: Wallace L. Lind, John W. Weeks, Borie, Hank

TG 58.4

CTG RAdm Arthur W. Radford

CV Enterprise (till 03/18 again 04/05-04/08), Intrepid (CVG-10), Yorktown II (CVG-9)

CVL Langley II, Independence

BB Missouri, New Jersey, Wisconsin

CB CruDiv16: Guam, Alaska (detached 03/19-03/22 to TU 58.2.9)

CL CruDiv16: Flint, San Diego

Oakland (04/02-04/10)

DD DesRon47: DesDiv93: Trathen, Heerman, McCord, Hazelwood

DesDiv94: Hailey, Haggard (detached 03/25-04/24, then 04/29), Franks (till 04/02)

DesRon53: DesDiv105: Cushing II/SF (from 03/25), Uhlmann (from 03/20, detached 03/22-04/05), Colahan, Benham II

DesDiv106: Twining (from 03/27)

DesRon54: DesDiv107: Remey/SF,DF, McGowan, Mertz, Melvin, Norman Scott

DesDiv108: McNair (detached 04/27-05/23), McDermut (from 04/03), Monssen II, Wadleigh (from 05/24)

DesRon62: (till 04/06): Haynsworth, Hank, Wallace L. Lind

TU 58.4.9 – detached 45/03/27 to shell Minami Daito Shima

CTU RAdm F.S. Low (ComCruDiv16)

CB CruDiv16: Alaska, Guam

CL CruDiv16: San Diego, Flint

CruDiv17: Pasadena, Wilkes-Barre, Springfield

DD DesRon62: Hank, Wallace L. Lind

Desron47/DesDiv93: Heermann, Trathen

TG 58.7 – Fast Battleship Bombardment Group – FORMED ONLY 45/03/24 & 45/04/19

BB Wisconsin, Missouri

BatDiv6: Washington

BatDiv7: New Jersey

BatDiv8 (RAdm J.F. Shafroth): Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina

BatDiv9: South Dakota

DD 3 DesDiv: Franks

TG 58.8 – Destroyer Scouting Group

DD ?

45/03/11 Ulithi lagoon

58.2 Randolph damaged by kamikaze 520 miles NW Guam – (1x Frances) (10-01N, 139-40E)

45/03/13 58.4 – Remey attacking submarine

45/03/14 Departed Ulithi for Japan

45/03/15 Stockham joined

58.3 – Erben joined

45/03/16 Refuel

58.3 300 miles SW of Iwo Jima (14-44 N 138-56 E)

45/03/17 En route Kyushu

58.3 300 miles SW of Iwo Jima (14-44 N 138-56 E)

45/03/18 E of Kyushu

Strikes on Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku

Attacking convoy KATA-504, escorted by corvette #29 and PC Ch-58:

  • Damaged: AK Kiyo Maru, Sank AP Kenyo Maru and AO Nansei Maru #1
  • Sank Okinawa-bound auxiliary sailing vessels Kamo Maru and Tenjin Maru off Noma Misaki (31-24N, 130-07E)
  • Sank PC Yusen Maru #43 45 miles SW of Sata Misaki Light
  • 58.1 – Hornet sank s/s Nansei Maru #1, Damaged: Tokuho Maru and Asahi Maru in Yamakawa harbor

58.2 Strike Kyushu (Kobe, Kure area) – kamikaze attacks

58.4 – Kamikaze disabled Intrepid (30-47N, 133-50E), Yorktown II (30-40N, 133-49E), Enterprise (30-50N, 133-42E)

45/03/19 Strike Kyushu airfields, Kure & Kobe:

at Kure:

  • Destroyed incomplete I-205 in drydock
  • Damaged: BB Yamato, Hyuga and Haruna; CV Ikoma, Katsuragi, Ryuho, Amagi, Hosho; CVE Kaiyo; CA Tone; CL Oyodo; SS I-400, RO-67; PC Cha-229;
  • at Osaka: Damaged: DE Kaki
  • 58.2 Kamikaze disabled Wasp (32-16N, 134-05E)
  • Franklin (32-01N, 133-57E)  departed for Pearl Harbor
  • 58.2.9 created to cover Franklin’s retreat
  • 58.3 100 miles E of Kyushu (32-10 N 134-22 E)
  • Essex damaged by friendly fire (32-10N, 134-20E)

45/03/20 Combat Air Patrol over Kyushu

  • Sank guard boat Kochi Maru #1 E of Honshu

58.2 Cover Franklin

kamikaze damaged Halsey Powell (30-27N, 134-28E): retired to Ulithi escorted by The Sullivans

  • 58.2 D I S J O I N E D
  • 58.4 Refuel
  • Enterprise damaged by friendly fire (30-01N, 134-30E)

45/03/21 Kamikaze (Ohka)

58.3 300 miles S of Kyushu

45/03/22 Refuel 600 miles from Kyushu

Photo reconnaissance Okinawa (Bunker Hill, Hornet)

45/03/23 Start with daily Strikes on Okinawa

13 CV-L

  • 25 miles NW of Okinawa (30-23N, 128-40E): sank AK Chitosan Maru
  • Off Tsukazaki: sank AK Yamato Maru #19, one midget submarine and damaged: another, Damaged: corvette #29 and PC Ch-58

58.3 80 miles SE of Okinawa Jima (25-15 N 128-50 E)

  • 58.4 – Haggard sank RO-41 (by ramming) > damaged SE of Okinawa (22-57’N., 132-19’E.)

45/03/24 Strike Okinawa, Combat Air Patrol over TG 52.3

  • Sank AK Seizan Maru and s/s Sanko Maru (29-15N, 125-13E) and Kobe Maru (30-00N, 126-30E)
  • 58.1 – completed destruction of convoy KANA-304: Sank Tomozuru, corvette #68, AM Chitose Maru, Shonan Maru #16, AK Koshu Maru, Soka Maru, Kaijo Maru Tsukushi Maru #3 about 200 miles northwest of Okinawa (28-25N, 124-32E)

58.2.9 – arrived Ulithi – disjoined

58.3 60 miles SE of Okinawa Jima (25-44 N 128-40 E)

59.7 detached only for this day – shell Okinawa

Indianapolis detached into TG 50.1

45/03/25 Strike Okinawa

  • Sank AK Okinoshima Maru #5, Chokai Maru near Naha, Okinawa (26-13N, 127-39E)

58.3, 58.4 refuel 200 miles S of Okinawa

45/03/26 Strike Okinawa

Murray damaged by dive bomber (26-20N, 129-46E)

  • Sank PC Nisui Maru E of Fuku Jima, and AK Daimaru (previously damaged on 1 March) in Kuji Bay, Ryukyus (20-13N, 127-16E) 58.3 75 miles NE of Okinawa

45/03/27 Strike Okinawa

  • Sank guard boats Choun Maru #13, Yusen Maru #27 and AK Suma Maru #28 in Kuchinoerabu Bay, Osumi-Gunto (30-30N, 130-05E) and Myojin Maru #12 west of Tori Jima (30-00N, 139-30E)

58.3 – Essex damaged by operational casualty off Okinawa (25-10N, 132-05E)

58.4.9 shell Minami Daito Shima

45/03/28 Strike Okinawa, Kyushu

58.1 sail N against IJN /false alarm/

  • Hornet II sank corvette #33 18 nm SE of Miyazaki, Kyushu (31-45N, 131-45E)

58.3 Strike Minami Daito Shima, refuel 200 miles E of Okinawa Jima (25-00 N 131-50 E)

58.4 Refuel

45/03/29 Strike Kyushu, search for Jap fleet reported off Kyushu on route to Sasebo

58.1 + 58.3 Strike Kagoshima Bay, Kyushu:

  • Sank: W of Sata Misaki (31-05N, 130-39E): PC Cha-200
  • in Kagoshima Bay: PC Chikuto Maru
  • at Kuchinoerabu Jima (30-30N, 130-10E): PC Cha-205
  • in Jamagawa Harbor: AK Yusen Maru #5, Ebisu Maru #11, Holin Maru, Genyo Maru, Seizan Maru #8, Koshin Maru #17, Koan Maru #27, Koan Maru #32, Kyokuzan Maru

Damaged:  in Yamagawa Harbor: s/s Yamato Maru #3

58.3 125 miles S of Kyushu (29-16 N 131-54 E)

45/03/30 Strike Okinawa

58.3 75 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-13 N 129-34 E)

45/03/31 Strike Okinawa

Murray, Schroeder disjoined

45/04/01 D-Day Okinawa – Carrier Support

58.3 60 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-41 N 129-23 E)

45/04/02 Oakland joined

58.3 refuel 300 miles SE of Okinawa Jima (23-18 N 132-01 E):

     Borie and Essex collided 200 nm SE of Okinawa (23-36N, 131-40E)

58.4 – 120 nm ESE of Okinawa

Franks and New Jersey damaged in collision (25-49N, 130-01E) – Franks detached for repairs

  • 58.4 – Sank corvette #186, APA T-17, LST T-145, Damaged: PC Ch-49, LST T-146 off Amami-Oshima (28-07N, 129-09E)

45/04/03 Strike Okinawa

  • Sank guard boat Taijin Maru #1

Damaged: guard boat Hosei Maru #2 225 nm SSE of Shionomisaki, Honshu (30-00N, 137-30E)

  • Sank AK Imari Maru 35 nm WNW of Fukuoka, Kyushu (33-45N, 129-42E)

corvette #32 is damaged 170 nm ENE of Shanghai (31-51N, 124-47E)

58.3 60 to 100 miles E of Okinawa Jima ( 26-38 N 130-02 E)

58.4 – McDermut joined

45/04/04 Strike Okinawa

Norman Scott damaged in collision with AO Cimarron 170 nm SSE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (23-46N, 129-25E)

45/04/05 Refuel

58.3 150 miles SE of Okinawa Jima (23-36 N 128-50 E)

58.4 – Enterprise rejoined

45/04/06 Strike Okinawa, attacked by kamikaze

58.1 San Jacinto damaged by kamikaze 105 nm NE of Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (26-46N, 129-43E), Harrison damaged by friendly fire 95 nm NE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (27-05N, 129-22E), Taussig by near-misses of bombs 25 nm NE of N tip of Okinawa (27-07N, 128-39E)

58.2 Refuel

58.3 60 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-42 N 129-28 E) – Strike Minami Daito Shima:

North Carolina damaged by friendly fire 95 nm NE of Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (26-41N, 129-32E),

Pasadena damaged by friendly fire 80 nm NE of Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (27-00N, 129-00E)

58.4 Haynsworth damaged by kamikaze 100 nm NE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-55N, 129-29E)

45/04/07 Strike Okinawa

Attack Yamato force:

Sank :

  • Yamato, Yahagi, Isokaze and Hamakaze 150 nm SW of Nagasaki (30-40N, 128-03E)
  • Asashima 140 nm SW of Nagasaki (31-00N, 128-00E)
  • Kasumi 145 nm SW of Nagasaki (30-57N, 127-57E)

58.3 80 miles E of Okinawa Jima (27-08 N 129-46 E) attacked by Kamikaze

Damaged Hancock 125 nm NE of Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (27-00N, 130-00E)

58.4 provide air cover to Okinawa

USS McCord DD-534, Pacific Theater, 1943

“OPERATION ICEBERG” – after 45/04/07 PM

CTF VAdm Marc A. Mitscher

TG 58.1

CTG RAdm Joseph J. Clark

CV Hornet, Bennington

CVL Belleau Wood, San Jacinto

BB Massachusetts, Indiana, Alabama (from 05/09)

CA Pittsburgh (from 04/16)

CruDiv10: Quincy II/DF

CL San Juan, Vincennes II, Vicksburg, Miami

Duluth(from 05/27)

DD ?Blue II?

DesRon25: DesDiv49: John Rodgers/SF,DF, Harrison, McKee

DesDiv50: Sigsbee, Dashiell, Schroeder (from 05/12)

DesRon53: DesDiv106: Twining (from 05/04), Stockham, Wedderburn

DesRon61: Lyman K. Swenson

DesDiv121: Brush

DesDiv122: Mansfield, Taussig

TG 58.2

CTG RAdm Ralph E. Davison

CV Enterprise (04/18-04/10), Randolph

CVL Independence

BB Washington, North Carolina

CA-L Santa Fe, Pittsburgh

DD Halsey Powell, Twining, Hunt, Marshall, Uhlmann, English

DesRon52: Miller, Owen, The Sullivans, Stephen Potter, Tingey, Hickox

TG 58.3

CTG RAdm Frederic C. Sherman (ComCarDiv1)

TU 58.3.1 – Carrier Unit

CTU RAdm Frederic C. Sherman (ComCarDiv1)

CV Bunker Hill/FF (till 05/11), Essex/GF

Randolph(from 04/16, FF from 05/14) (CVG-12), Enterprise (04/10-04/14, 05/06-05/16, FF 05/11 – 05/14)

CVL Bataan (detached 04/17-04/26), Langley (05/10-05/11), Monterey (05/12-05/28)

TU 58.3.2 – Heavy Support Unit

CTU VAdm Willis Augustus Lee

BB South Dakota/UF (till 05/11), New Jersey (till 04/14)

Washington (from 04/15), North Carolina (04/15-04/27), Missouri (05/05-05/07), Alabama (from 05/12)

TU 58.3.3 – Light Support Unit

CTU RAdm J.C. Jones (ComCruDiv17)

CL Oakland(from 04/10)

CruDiv17: Wilkes-Barre, Springfield, Pasadena, Astoria II

TU 58.3.4 – Screen

Cap J.P. Womble (ComDesRon?)

DD DesRon48: DesRon95: Erben, Stembel (detached 04/09-04/21), Hale

DesRon96: Kidd, Black, Bullard, Chauncey (detached 04/30-04/31)

DesRon52: (from 04/17):

DesDiv103: The Sullivans, Miller, Owen, Stephen Potter, Tingey

DesDiv104: Hunt, Marshall, Lewis Hancock

DesRon62: DesDiv123: Ault, English, Charles S. Sperry, Waldron (detached 03/19-03/22), Haynsworth (04/06-04/09)

DesDiv124: John W. Weeks, Wallace L. Lind, Borie, Hank

TG 58.3.10 04/09 – 04/11

CV Hancock

CVL Cabot

DD Stembel, Haynsworth

TG 58.4

CTG RAdm Arthur W. Radford

CV Intrepid (CVG-10), Yorktown II (CVG-9)

Enterprise (from 04/10), Shangri La(from 04/24, FF from 05/18), Ticonderoga (CVG-87 – from 05/22)

CVL Langley II, Independence(from 04/16)

BB Missouri (till 05/05), Wisconsin

Iowa(from 04/24), New Jersey(04/16- 4/19)

CB CruDiv16: Guam, Alaska (detached 03/19-03/22 to TU 58.2.9)

CL San Diego, Oakland (04/02-04/10), Flint (from 04/16)

DD Chauncey (04/30-04/31)

DesRon47: DesDiv93: Trathen, McCord, Heermann

DesDiv94: Haggard (from 04/24, detached 04/29), Hailey

Desron53: Cushing II/SF

DesDiv106: Twining, Uhlmann

DesRon54: DesDiv107: Remey/SF, McGowan, Melvin, Mertz

DesDiv108: McDermut, McNair (till 04/27), Monssen II, Wadleigh (from 05/24)

U.S. Navy light cruiser USS Wilkes-Barre (CL-103) at anchor, San Pedro, CA, circa 31 January 1946

45/04/16 TG 58.2   D I S J O I N E D

45/04/08 Repaired Randolph rejoined -> 58.2 R E B U I L D

Strike Okinawa

58.3 70 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-26 N 129-18 E)

45/04/09 58.3 refuel 350 miles E of Okinawa

58.3.10 detached to Ulithi for repairs

58.4 SE Okinawa

  • Mertz + Monssen sank/share 130 nm E of Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (26-09N, 130-21E)

45/04/10 58.3 Strike Amami Oshima

58.4 – Oakland transferred to 58.3

45/04/11 58.1 Refuel

58.3 100 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-58 N 130-56 E)

Strike Amami Oshima, attacked by kamikaze – Damaged:

Missouri, Bullard and Kidd 115 nm E of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-00N, 130-00E)

Essex damaged by bomb 150 nm ENE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-50N, 130-30E)

Hale damaged by bomb 115 nm E of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-00N, 130-00E) (disjoined for repairs),

Hank damaged by strafing (27-00N, 130-00E)

58.3.10 arrived Ulithi – disjoined

58.4 Attacked by kamikaze

Enterprise disabled 15 nm SE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-00N, 128-00E) – (disjoined for repairs)

Trathen damaged by friendly fire 145 nm NE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (27-13N, 130-15E)

45/04/12 58.3 Strike Amami Shima, Tokunoshima, Kikaishima

58.4 kamikaze – damaged Remey

45/04/13 58.1 Kamikaze-damaged Sigsbee (27-15N, 130-25E)

58.3 Strike Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima


58.1 – Sigsbee and Dashiell damaged by kamikaze 150 nm NE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (27-15N, 130-25E)

58.3 refuel 300 miles E of Okinawa (24-14 N 133-06 E)

45/04/15 58.1, 58.2, 58.3 Strike S Kyushu

58.4 Refuel

45/04/16 58.1, 58.3 – Strike Kyushu

58.2 Refuel – D I S J O I N E D

58.3 Attacked by Kamikaze

58.4 Strike Kyushu

Kamikaze damaged Intrepid 200 nm NE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (27-37N, 131-14E), – Kamikaze damaged Missouri 115 nm E of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-00N, 130-00E),

McDermut damaged by friendly fire 150 nm NE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (27-30N, 130-20E)

45/04/17 Strike Kyushu

Intrepid retired

Benham II damaged by kamikaze and friendly fire 290 nm SE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (24-01N, 132-32E)

58.3 kamikaze  damaged Bataan

45/04/18 58.3 Refuel 325 miles E off Okinawa (25-39 N 128-30 E)

  • 58.4 Mertz, McCord, Collett, Uhlmann, Heermann, Bataan shared a sank I-56 150 nm E of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-42N, 130-38E)

45/04/19 Strike Okinawa

58.7 – Shell Okinawa

45/04/20 Strike Okinawa

45/04/21 Strike Okinawa

58.1 – San Juan + DesRon61 shell Minami Daito Shima

45/04/22 Strike Okinawa

45/04/23 58.3 refuel 225 miles E of Okinawa (24-56 N 131-30 E)

45/04/24 Strike Okinawa

58.4 Refuel

Shangri-La joined

45/04/25 Strike Okinawa

45/04/26 Strike Okinawa

45/04/27 58.1 departed for Ulithi

58.3 Refuel 200 miles E of Okinawa (24-56 N 131-17 E)

45/04/28 Strike Okinawa

58.3 100 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-29 N 130-02 E)

45/04/29 Strike Okinawa

Kamikaze- disabled Haggard (27-01N, 129-40E), Hazelwood (27-02N, 129-59E)

58.3 Attacked by kamikaze

58.4 Attacked by kamikaze

45/04/30 58.1 arrived Ulithi

58.3 Strike Okinawa

Chauncey detached to TG 58.4

45/05/01 58.3 Refuel 250 miles E of Okinawa (23-12 N 131-24 E)

Chauncey rejoined

45/05/02 58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/03 58.3 325 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-37 N 129-34 E)

Strike Okinawa

58.4 off Okinawa

45/05/04 58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/05 58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/06 58.3 Refuel 250 miles SE of Okinawa (23-58 N 131-29 E)

Enterprise joined

South Dakota damaged by explosion while loading ammunition (26-30N, 129-30E) – retreated to Guam

58.4 – Trathen rejoined

45/05/07 58.3 125 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-14 N 129-18 E) – Strike Okinawa

45/05/08 58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/09 Alabama, Monterey joined

58.1 departed Ulithi

58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/10 58.3 Refuel 250 miles SE of Okinawa (23-59 N 131-34 E)

CruDiv17+DDs Shell Minami Daito Shima

45/05/11 58.3 75 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-04 N 120-02 E)

Strike Okinawa/Kyushu

Kamikaze disabled Bunker Hill (25-44N, 129-28E)

58.4 departed for Ulithi

45/05/12 4 CV, 4 CVL – Strike Okinawa/Kyushu

58.1 Rejoined from Ulithi – Schroeder rejoined

58.3 60 miles E of Okinawa Jima (25-53 N 129-51 E)

Strike Okinawa

58.4 departed to Ulithi

45/05/13 Strike Kyushu

58.3: Enterprise night Strike Kyushu

Bataan damaged by strafing (30-30N, 132-30E)

45/05/14 Night strike Kyushu/Shikoku

58.3: Enterprise- disabled by kamikaze 110 nm SE of Mijazaki, Kyushu (30-23N, 132-36E)

58.4 arrived Ulithi – Langley II disjoined for overhaul

45/05/15 Randolph new FF (Force Flagship)

58.3 refuel 200 miles E of Okinawa (24-03 N 130-03 E)

45/05/16 58.3 Refuel

Enterprise disjoined for repairs

45/05/17 Vincennes II, Vicksburg detached to TF 54.??

58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/18 58.3 Strike Okinawa

58.4 – Shangri-La new FF (Force Flagship)

45/05/19 58.3 Refuel 200 miles E of Okinawa (22-11 N 130-32 E)

45/05/20 58.3 80 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-16 N 129-14 E)

Strike Okinawa – support troops in Shuri Castle area

45/05/21 58.3 Strike Okinawa


  • 58.1 – Bennington and Hornet II Sank PC Ch-37, Ch-58 and LST T-173 SW of Kj Suhu between Sasebo and Oshima (29-45N, 129-10E)

58.3 Strike Okinawa

58.4 – Ulithi – Ticonderoga joined

45/05/23 58.3 refuel 150 miles E of Okinawa (24-58 N 130-48 E)

45/05/24 Strike Kyushu/Okinawa

58.3 80 miles E of Okinawa Jima (26-32 N 129-26 E) – Strike Okinawa

58.4 Departed Ulithi

45/05/25 58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/26 58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/27 58.3 refuel 200 miles S of Okinawa (22-49 N 129-10 E)

58.4 Arrived from Ulithi

45/05/28 58.3 Strike Okinawa

45/05/28 TF 58 > TF 38


Commander Task Force (CTF) VAdm John S. McCain

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Bon Homme Richard (from 06/06)

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Independence, Monterey

Battleship (BB) Wisconsin, Washington (do 06/01)

CA (Heavy Cruiser)/Light Cruiser (CL) – : 19

Light Cruiser (CL) Atlanta II, Astoria II,

Destroyer (DD) 60: Buchanan, Daly (06/10-06/14), Tingey, Hailey, Erben, Colahan, McNair, Stockham, Wedderburn, Norman Scott, John W. Weeks, Hank, De Haven II, Collett, Maddox II, Benham II

TG 38.1

Commander Task Group (CTG) Rear Admiral Joseph J. Clark

Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Hornet II, Bennington

Aircraft Carrier (CVL) Belleau Wood, San Jacinto

Battleship (BB) Massachusetts, Indiana, Alabama

CA (Heavy Cruiser) Pittsburgh, Baltimore

Light Cruiser (CL) Duluth, San Juan, Topeka (from 06/06), Oklahoma City (from 06/06), Oakland

Destroyer (DD) Blue II, Twining, Brush

DesRon25 DesDiv49: John Rodgers/SF,DF, Harrison, McKee

DesDiv50: Ringgold (from 06/06), Schroeder, Dashiell

DesRon61: Lyman K. Swenson

DesDiv122: Mansfield, Taussig, Samuel N. Moore

TG 38.4

Aircraft Carriers USS Shangri-La/FF (CVG-8), USS Yorktown II, USS Ticonderoga

Battleship (BB) – Battleships USS Iowa and USS Missouri

Large Cruisers USS Alaska and USS Guam

Light Cruisers USS Flint and USS San Diego

Destroyers USS Trathen, McCord, Uhlmann, Wadleigh, Remey/SF, McGowan, Melvin, Mertz and Monssen II.

45/05/28 Ships operate as temporary TF 58 during Change of Command Ceremony

45/05/28 TF 58 -> TF 38

45/05/29 38.2, 38.3 departed for Leyte.

38.3 – Randolph departed with VAdm Mitscher onboard to Guam

45/05/31 Randolph arrived Apra Harbor, Guam

45/06/01 38.1 65 nm E of Okinawa.

38.3 arrived Leyte

45/06/02 Strike Kyushu

45/06/03 Strike Kyushu

45/06/04 Sail eastward, avoiding typhoon.

38.1 Refuel 300 nm S of Okinawa

Damaged in TYPHOON:

Indiana (22-51N,132-14E), Massachusetts (22-48N, 132-11E), Alabama (22-58N, 132-15E), Missouri (23-30N, 131-30E), Hornet (22-54N, 132-25E), Bennington (23-03N, 132-04E), Belleau Wood (22-45N, 132-10E), San Jacinto (22-53N, 131-55E), Baltimore (22-48N, 132-14E), Quincy II (22-59N, 132-12E), Pittsburgh (22-50N, 132-06E), San Juan (22-28N, 132-24E) Duluth (22-55N, 132-12E), Atlanta II (22-46N, 136-12E), Blue II (22-51N, 132-25E), John Rodgers (22-45N, 132-10E), McKee (22-54N, 132-19E), Dashiell (22-55N, 132-15E), Stockham (22-48N, 132-14E), De Haven II (22-51N, 132-10E), Maddox II (22-42N, 132-45E), Brush (22-34N, 132-22E), Taussig (22-43N, 132-04E), Samuel N. Moore 2-2-48N, 132-14E)

45/06/05 38.1  30 nm SE of Okinawa

45/06/06 Strike Okinawa.


Bon Homme Richard, Oklahoma City, Moale, Ringgold joined

38.1 – 150 nm SE of Okinawa – Topeka joined

45/06/07 Strike Okina

45/06/08 Strike S Kyushu

38.4 – CruDiv16 + DesDiv107 detached to TG 30.4

45/06/09 Strike Onono Ogari Shima

First use of napalm

Strike Minami Daito Shima

45/06/10 38.1 & 38.4 Strike + shell Minami Ogura Shima, Minami Daito Shima

38.1 – Massachusetts, Indiana, Alabama, Harrison detached to TG 30.2,

San Juan detached to Leyte for repairs

45/06/10 PM TF 38 departed for Leyte


American fighters fly in formation over the USS Missouri and her escort

ships during Japanese Surrender Ceremonies in September 1945

USS McCord Reported to Inactive Fleet

45/06/13 Arrived San Pedro Bay, Leyte


McCord detached. Departed for the U.S. west coast and a navy yard overhaul. On 8 July she arrived at Puget Sound, Washington where she was docked when the Japanese surrender was announced. On 7 September she steamed to San Diego, reporting on 15 September to the Inactive Fleet.

Next Chapter: James Joseph Hoffman

American fighters fly in formation over the USS Missouri and her escort ships during Japanese Surrender Ceremonies in September 1945


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