The Walton House, Our B&B

This page is under construction.

Please visit our next section, which covers our family heroes who served in various military branches during WWII, Korea and Vietnam

  • Chapter 27 – WWII Navy Fast Carrier Task Force
  • Chapter 28 – James Joseph Hoffman, Navy Gunner, Pacific Theater
  • Chapter 29 – Robert Niemeyer, Dive Bomber in the Pacific Theater
  • Chapter 30 – Voices of Bombing Squadron 19
  • Chapter 31 – U.S. Navy Armed Guard
  • Chapter 32 – August Lee Bergmeier, Gunner, Navy Armed Guard
  • Chapter 33 – The Rainbow Division in World War II
  • Chapter 34 – Wallace B White, U.S. Navy, Korea & Vietnam

Topics to be covered:

  • History of Atlanta, Indiana
  • Asher Goodrich Walton
  • History of the Asher Walton Family
  • Buying the Asher Walton House
  • Business Meeting in Atlanta
  • Meeting the Current Owners
  • Lea’s Resistance
  • Taking the Boys on Tour
  • Move In Day
  • Meeting the Neighbors
  • Decorating for Victorian Era
  • Becoming a Bed & Breakfast
  • Gatherings of Friends and Family
  • Repairs and Improvements
  • Removing the Water Tank
  • Woodshop in the Stable
  • Transoms and Stained Glass
  • The Water Feature
  • Indiana Transportation Museum
  • Civil War Days
  • The Fall Festival
  • Lea’s Illness
  • The Desperation Sale(s)

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