Chapter Fifteen



Updated 4 November 2019 by author Lawrence Eugene Vaughn Jr

Warrant Officer JG Photo.png

Warrant Officer (Junior Grade) Eugene Vaughn – 1956

Table of Contents

  • Marine Corps Basic Training
  • Hay Fever and Inaptitude
  • Butter Pats
  • Missouri State Guard
  • 1944 Corporal
  • 1944 Bivouac
  • 1945
  •  Staff Sergeant (SSG)
  •  1950 Sergeant First Class
  •  1951
  •  1953 Master Sergeant
  •  1954
  •  1954 Warrant Officer (WOJG-1)
  •  1956
  •  1957 Chief Warrant Officer
  •  1958
  •  1961
  •  May 11, 1985
  •  Eugene Vaughn Memorial Plaque
Eugene Vaughn enlistment article.jpg

Marine Corps Basic Training

In 1942 World War Two was raging. Gene enlisted in the Marine Corps in the summer of 1942, following his graduation. He reported to St. Louis Recruiting Center for his initial physical examination, and was sent on to San Diego for Basic Training.

Hay Fever and Inaptitude

Fall was a miserable time for Gene. Constantly sneezing, and carrying numerous handkerchiefs, he always looked forward to November, and the cool weather that settled the Goldenrod pollen that caused hay fever.

But, when he arrived in California in November 1942, it was still warm, and the air was filled with pollen! He had uncontrollable hay fever, and fought it for three weeks while the base medics tried to get it under control. During basic training, he had an acute rhinitis reaction and severe allergic sensitivity to hay pollen. He sneezed constantly and uncontrollably. It just wasn’t medically possible to successfully treat hay fever in 1942.  He would, therefore, not be medically able to serve in the field. He was given a medical discharge, $100.00 cash, and summarily sent home.

LEV Discharge USMC 18 Dec 1942_2.png
LEV Discharge USMC (back) 18 Dec 1942_2.png

His name appears on a bronze memorial in Central Park in Hannibal, commemorating the men who enlisted from Marion County. His brother’s name appears below his. The other two Vaughns listed are unknown to me. The memorial is located on Fifth Street between Broadway and Center Streets in Central Park.

WWII Memorial Hannibal MO.png

Butter Pats

Gene told the story of not eating a pat or two of butter placed on his plate during Basic Training mess. As he prepared to scape off his plate into a large garbage can and return the plate, the drill sergeant stopped him and made quite a fuss over “wasting food.” He made him eat the butter by itself, in front of everyone else, before he could be dismissed. The drill sergeant made him hold the butter on his tongue until it melted. Gene always said that it was the greasiest butter he had ever eaten!

Missouri National Guard

A few years after his discharge from the Marine Corps, Gene joined Company D, 4th Missouri State Guard, First Infantry Brigade, housed at the Admiral Coontz Armory at Collier and Third Streets. He entered the infantry unit as a communications specialist. The Hannibal unit of the Missouri State Guard was converted, reorganized, and Federally recognized 15 November 1947 as the 35th Military Police Company, an element of the 35th Infantry Division, Missouri National Guard.

1944 Corporal

FCC Radio Operators Permit 1944.jpg

FCC Radio Telephone Operator Permit, April 1944

1944 Bivouac

Mo State Guard bivouac ca 1945.jpg

Hannibal Unit of the Missouri State Guard Bivouac, Mark Twain State Park, Florida, MO ca 1945. Eugene Vaughn on left

Mo State Guard Comm School 1944.jpg

Mo State Guard Appt SGT 1944.jpg


Mo State Guard Cert School 1945.jpg
Mo State Guard Tactical School 1945.jpg
Sgt. Gene Vaughn Camp Ripley MN.png

Sergeant Gene Vaughn Hitching a Ride, Florida MO Bivouac 1945

Appt Staff SGT Mo State Guard 1945.jpg
Mo State Guard SSGT Eugene Vaughn ca fall 1945.jpg

Staff Sergeant Gene Vaughn with Command Staff, Summer Camp ca 1945

1950 Sergeant First Class

Promotion to SFC 5 Sep 1950_2.png


Application for 20 Series Class 21 Mar 1951 (front).jpg
Application for 20 Series Class 21 Mar 1951 (back).jpg

Application Endorsement by Capt Audie S Barnett, Commanding

Completion of Ten Series 21 Feb 1951.jpg

1953 Master Sergeant

Navy reply 24 Aug 1953.jpg
Endorsement for WOJG #2 23 Sep 1953.jpg

Endorsement by 1st Lt Elmer S. Meyers, 35th Military Police, Commanding

Endorsement for WOJG 23 Sep 1953.jpg

Endorsement by Mjr Calvin L Jones, Provost Marshal

Sgt. Gene Vaughn MP Ft Leonard Wood MO.png

Master Sergeant Gene Vaughn, Military Police, Ft. Leonard Wood MO 1953


Appointment to WOJG 3 Feb 1954.jpg

Notification of Promotion to WOJG Effective 10 Feb 1954

Discharge NGUS 9 Feb 1954.jpg

Discharge from the Army Reserve 9 February 1954

Discharge NGUS 9 Feb 1954.jpg

Discharge of Master Sergeant Gene Vaughn, 9 Feb 1954

(Come back to work tomorrow as an officer!)

1954 Warrant Officer (WOJG-1)

Appt Criminal Invetigator 10 Feb 1954_2.jpg

Appointment as Criminal Investigator 10 Feb 1954

Fed Recognition 24 Sep 1954.jpg

Inclusion in the Official National Guard Register 24 Sep 1924

Appt Commissioned Officer US Army 26 May 1954.jpg

Appointed Reserve Warrant Officer, United States Army – Letter

Appt Reserve WOJG USAR.jpg

Appointed Reserve Warrant Officer, United States Army – Certificate

LEV Military ID Photo CU2 1954_2.jpg

Warrant Officer Junior Grade, 1954

Camp McCoy WI 1955.png
Completion Land Warfare 9 Sep 1955.jpg

Completion of “Land Warfare” Course 9 Sep 1955

Completion of Thirty Series 7 July 1955.jpg

Completion of “Thirty Series” Provost Marshal General’s School 7 Jul 1955

Completion Military Government1 Sep 1955.jpg

Completion “Military Government” Provost Marshal General’s School – 1 Sep 1955

Completion Traffic Control 9 Sep 1955.jpg

Completion “Traffic Control” Provost Marshal General’s School – 9 Sep 1955

Eugene Vaughn WOJG 1955.jpg

Warrant Officer Eugene Vaughn 1955

Orders for PM School 8 Aug 1955.jpg

Orders to Attend Criminal Investigation School, Camp Gordon, Georgia – 1955

Eugene Vaughn WOJG class.jpg

Warrant Officer Junior Grade Gene Vaughn, Camp Gordon, Georgia – Nov 1955

PM Graduation 10 Nov 1955 (Program).jpg

Graduation Ceremonies Program for Criminal Investigation Class NR 5 – 10 Nov 1955

Provost Marshal Generals School Sep 1955.jpg

Diploma Criminal Investigator Course 10 NOV 1955


Completion Communication 17 Jan 1956.jpg

Completion of Officer Communications Responsibilities 17 Jan 1956

Request for Accreditation 25 Jan 1956.jpg

Request for Accreditation and Credentials for WOJG Lawrence E Vaughn Jan 1956

Completion Military Police 17 Feb 1956.jpg

Completion of “Military Police Battalion Staff Officers” Course – 8 Feb 1956

Request for Accreditation Response 30 Mar 1956.jpg

Response to Request for Accreditation for Lawrence Eugene Vaughn – Mar 1956

Completion Fingerprint Classification 2 Mar 1956.jpg

Certificate in Fingerprint Classification 2 Mar 1956

Completion Cicilian Control 13 Aug 1956.jpg

Completion of “Control & Evacuation of Stragglers and Civilians” 18 JUL 1956

Completion MP Commander 13 Aug 1956.jpg

Completion “Military Police Company Commander” – 28 JUL 1956

Appreciation from Hannibal 15 Oct 1956.jpg

Letter of Appreciation from Hannibal Police Chief John B Lawson

Completion Law Enforcement 18 Oct 1956.jpg

Completion Law Enforcement  Service 21 Nov 1956.jpg
Completion Relationships 14 Jan 1957.jpg

Completion of “Staff Relationships” 17 Dec 1956

1957 Chief Warrant Officer

Appointment to CWO 11 Apr 1957.jpg
CWO Composite 1957.png

Chief Warrant Officer Eugene Vaughn, Camp Gordon, Georgia – 1957


Police Commission 11 Mar 1958.jpg
Appreciation from Hannibal 21 Nov 1958_2.png


Discharge USAR 11 Sep 1961.jpg

Army National Guard and Army Reserve Honorable Discharge 11 Sep 1961

LEV Fingerprints.jpg

Fingerprints of Lawrence Eugene Vaughn, born 24 Jun 1924, died December 15, 1984, age 60

May 11, 1985

Eugene Vaughn Memorial Plaque

The month of May following Gene’s death, the Vaughn family presented a memorial plaque to The American Legion post in Chillicothe, for their longstanding support over the years for the North Missouri Armed Forces Day Observance sponsored by KCHI, under Gene’s supervision. David Vaughn made the presentation on 11 May 1985.

Eugene Vaughn Memorial Award 1985_1.jpg
Eugene Vaughn Memorial Award 1985.jpg

His spirit lives on!

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